Water Features

Let the experts at Kaufmann Swimming Pools coordinate a waterfall, fountain, spill over spa, water wall or rain curtain that will engage all your senses, creating a tranquil, beautiful spa like environment for your garden and focal point for your pool.

Beautify a pond with a commercial aeration fountain, or install a custom built fountain to create tranquil ambiance in a public space.

Kaufmann Swimming Pools can create splash pads, an ideal aquatic recreation space for children as the standing water is very shallow, and the surface is made from textured non slip concrete or in crumb rubber.  Recycled and treated water is jetted from the floor in a controlled or random fashion for excitement and fun!

PENTAIR Magic Falls

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Transform your pool into the backyard retreat of your dreams with MagicFalls Water Effects. Whether you want a romantic getaway or fun for the whole family, there are many options available to create the perfect atmosphere.

  • Choose from sheet, curtain and rainfall or arc sheet and rainfall effects
  • Individual water effects are available in widths from 8 in.–8 ft.
  • Available in 6 finishes: brass, bronze, copper, gray, pewter or white
  • Waterfalls can be straight, curved or customized.
  • Vary flow to any water effect with an energy-efficient IntelliFlo® VF, IntelliFlo or IntelliPro® variable speed pump to alter the height and distance of the water effect
  • Different lip lengths add to the design freedom available to you!

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