Pool Maintenance/Service

Regular care and proper water chemistry keeps the water clean and balanced, your equipment functioning properly, provides a safe environment for swimming, and keeps your pool looking spectacular!

Kaufmann Pools offers a full maintenance service tailored to suit your needs. All pools are vacuumed, walls brushed down, tiles are cleaned, equipment checked, the water is tested, and any necessary chemicals administered. Our technicians are trained by a Certified Pool Operator.

The cost of pool service varies with the number of service calls per week, the size of the pool, the condition of the equipment, and the geographical location.

We sell a full range of pool chemicals, test kits, and all maintenance equipment such as vacuum heads, hoses, poles, brushes, test kits and safety products. We also supply and service automatic chlorinators & feeders and salt generation systems to make pool care even easier!


“I have been using Kaufmann pools for several years now and I am completely satisfied with the service. Their service personnel are professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I would be pleased to recommend them.” G.C.

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