Deck Jets & Magic Stream Laminars


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  • – A Water Feature that add’s elegant entertainment to your poolscape!
  • – Microprocessor-controlled LED light source has the ability to synchronize with the IntelliBrite® 5g LED Pool Lighting for dynamic and synchronized colored light shows
  • – Provides 5 brilliant fixed colors, 7 dazzling light shows
  • – Nighttime lighting effects include the ability to hold on a steady color or scroll through a range of available colors.
  • – Installation is made flush to your deck or other surface; no unsightly or unsafe edges
  • – The technical principal behind MagicStream Laminars is to remove all turbulence and air bubbles from the water before projecting it through a finely-machined nozzle. The laminar water flow is very non-turbulent, so it keeps its surface tension and flows through the air in a smooth, clean, unbroken stream, instead of spraying apart into droplets.
  • – Low voltage operation of 12 VAC/16W
  • – Low flow requirements allow for multiple units per pool
  • – The perfect complement to IntelliBrite 5g LED Pool Lighting for dynamic and synchronized colored light shows
  • – Custom program and control light shows using an indoor control panel, wireless remote and the ScreenLogic® Interface using your smart phone, computer or mobile digital device.
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