Spas/Jacuzzis/Hot Tubs

Ready to reduce stress, ease muscle pain, improve blood circulation and sleep better? These are just a few of the numerous positive health benefits soaking in your own jacuzzi or hot tub has to offer! Indoors or outdoors, let the experts at Kaufmann Swimming Pools & Spas create your private oasis!

A heated, jetted Spa or ‘Jacuzzi’ as it is commonly known, will massage your muscles with powerful jets combined with heated water and air for the ultimate in hydrotherapy!

Custom built concrete models or more portable fiber glass and acrylic hot tubs can be installed above or below ground, or designed as an extension of your pool, creating the perfect place to relax with family and friends after your refreshing swim.

An exciting feature for swimmers who want to get the most exercise out of their pool, Kaufmann Pools and Spas offer “swim spas” where you can swim against a powerful jet of directed water in a relatively small body of water. Swim jets can be installed during construction or as a retro fit on existing pools.

Fastlane Pro by Endless Pools

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Let Kaufmann Pools transform your existing pool with the Pentair Fastlane Pro, a swim current machine that generates a steady flow of water, providing swimmers with an amazing endless swimming experience!

All levels of swimmers will enjoy the versatility of the Fastlane Pro as it can deliver a powerful flow for a challenging swim, or a light current for a more leisurely, swimming experience, irregardless of the size of your existing pool!

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