imagesSwimming Pools are an investment in your home, your health and your family. When considering what to build, one should know what the pool would be primarily used for. Aesthetics or increasing property value, health and exercise, relaxing and entertaining friends, kids playing, or serious training. Planning and designing a pool properly will take all these into consideration, plus other conditions. What location would yield the most sunlight? Where is the prevailing wind coming from? Are there any nearby trees or structures that can pose a problem?

image2 Once this is established, one should have a budget in mind. Pools can range from simple structures to lavish customised creations with luxurious water features. Remember this is a permanent structure, and proper planning and execution is crucial. Other factors that would affect the budget are the size, the site access and location-Is it flat land or a hillside? What is the soil type-rock, sand or clay? Any underground restrictions such as septic tanks, large tree roots, power or water lines, high water tables? Can work vehicles get easy access?

We design and construct mostly concrete pools and spas. We also offer a steel wall vinyl liner system that is excellent for unstable soil conditions and specialty applications.

When considering heated pools or spas, additional power requirements are sometimes necessary. One must consider any local building laws or codes prior to construction.


Finally, one must understand the responsibility that goes along with owning a pool. It must be properly maintained and swimmers, especially children, should be supervised at all times.

At Kaufmann Pools, and as a member of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP), we subscribe to the highest standards and international recommendations, and warranty all our products and services.